Joe Bilinski

Hi, I’m Joe Bilinski and that’s our dog Sky in the picture with me.  Sky is the main reason I have this photography site up as early on she was my main and only subject.  I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures since I was young.  I like looking back though them and remembering little details of the day or event.  Mostly I would only take pictures of vacations, events and my pet with canon power shoot.  But as I started printing images for my wall at home I realized the quality wasn’t what I wanted.  The images in cheap cameras can be grainy when printing an 8x10 or 20x30 image.  In November of 2012 I got my first DSLR entry level camera in the Canon t3i.  From the moment I took my first picture of Sky I saw that the quality was much better and have taken thousands of beautiful photos of Sky throughout the years.  People even noticed the quality of my work and wanted pictures of their dogs or even a family portrait session or wedding.   But then I wanted to take my photography to the next level.  Yes people were happy with the photos but I wasn’t.  Equipment was holding me back and in 2015 I invested in professional level camera, lens and lighting equipment and decided to take my passion for picture taking to a more professional level.  I am very detailed about my work, I try and capture real moments and not just planned poses.